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By Lindsay Gale20 July 2015

Casella has introduced a ground-borne vibration monitoring option to the existing noise and dust monitoring capabilities of its Boundary Guardian monitor. This is a plug and play solution for web-based real-time remote monitoring of noise, dust and now vibration emissions that enables users to ensure compliance with regulatory limits 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

To ensure effective vibration monitoring, a tri-axial geophone is wired to the main housing and records the maximum peak particle velocity within a five minute period. Collected data is available for review via a secure website and reports can be produced to prove compliance with planning limits. In addition, optional SMS alerts are available in the event that vibration levels exceed limits.

“The launch of the Boundary Guardian with vibration monitoring capability is another big step forward for controlling emissions from construction and demolition sites. No other environmental monitoring solution on the market offers the same level of functionality or performance,” said Shaun Knott, business development manager at Casella. “With this version installed, site operators can keep up to date in real-time with their emissions and take action to reduce them if necessary.”

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