Felbermayr adds Groves

By Laura Hatton23 January 2014

Felbermayr take delivery of a Grove GMK5095 and a GMK4080-1 at Manitowoc’s facility in Wilhelmshaven

Felbermayr take delivery of a Grove GMK5095 and a GMK4080-1 at Manitowoc’s facility in Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Transport and lifting company Felbermayr has added two Grove all terrain cranes to its fleet in Germany.

The cranes, a GMK5095 and a GMK4080-1, have lifting capacities of 100 tonnes and 80 tonnes, respectively. The five-axle GMK5095 has a 60 metre main boom, which can extend its reach to 82 m with a jib. The four-axle GMK4080-1 crane has a 51 m main boom, which can be extended to 75 m with a jib. Both cranes have Grove’s Megatrak independent suspension system.

The cranes were produced at Manitowoc’s facility in Wilhelmshaven. After being handed over to Felbermayr they were put to work at the Schwarze Pumpe coal mine, near the Polish border. Work for the cranes includes carrying out a variety of lifts, including replacing beam ties on a 70 m long trench-cutting machine, a company spokesperson said.

Enrico Bräuer, manager of the Bautzen branch, said, “After extensive testing, we are convinced that Grove’s Wilhelmshaven plant produces some of the world’s most reliable mobile cranes, capable of working in the harshest conditions.

“The GMK5095 is a powerful taxi crane while our all-wheel drive GMK4080-1 will give us maximum mobility on site. The only cranes that offer better off-road capabilities to Grove’s all-terrain cranes are its rough-terrain cranes.”

Michael Maier-Bauer, technical director at Felbermayr’s Linz branch, added, “The cranes tested wonderfully and the support from Manitowoc Crane Care met the demands of a company such as Felbermayr, that operates in many different countries, so we rely on responsive aftermarket support wherever we go. All the positive improvements made by Manitowoc has made it a valued partner for Felbermayr.”

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