Ferrari adapts range

11 April 2008

F.lli Ferrari presented its new four hydraulic extension, model 551 knuckle boom crane for the first time at this year's SAIE exhibition in Italy.

The model has a maximum 4.65 tonne-metre lifting moment and a horizontal hydraulic outreach of 4.87 m. Maximum vertical reach is 7.82 m.

Also new in production are the models 745 and 746 R. The 745 is designed for the Eastern European and South American markets. Giancarlo Perego, company president, said some sophisticated components have been stripped away, creating a cheaper option for those markets.

The 745 has a 45 tonne-metre lifting moment, a 6 m hydraulic outreach and a 10.3 m maximum vertical reach. The 746 R has 46 tonne-metre lifting moment, 7.85 m horizontal outreach and 12.1 m vertical reach.

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