Film highlights personal cost of fall from height

By Maria Hadlow14 September 2010

A powerful film is available from Outtakes Film Communications, which shows the devastating effects that a fall from height can have on the life of the victim and his family.

Called, "Jason Anker - A fall from Height" the film focuses on the true case of a young man with a young family who fell just 10 ft from a ladder and sustained a massive spinal injury that changed his life forever.

Over 17 years Jason has come to terms with the indignities and frustrations of life as a paraplegic and his guilt and regret at failing to speak up in a situation he knew to be risky. He now uses his experiences to warn others of the devastating consequences of not speaking out when you know something to be unsafe.

This 15-minute film includes excerpts from Jason's live safety talk and moving testimony from his family. An interview with Jason's consultant, spinal injuries specialist Martin McClelland, gives the broader medical view charting the physical and psychological path that victims and their families take.

"The main reason I didn't speak up ... I didn't think it would happen to me. That voice has gone off in your head, which it does every time there is dodgy situation or something's unsafe ... you override it with one excuse ... you say Ah! But it's not going to happen to me and that's how you manage your risk on a daily basis."

This is a story of a commonplace accident that applies across industries and extends into home lives as well. The video can be used to teach an appreciation of behavioural safety, demonstrate the importance of speaking out about safety and lead to discussion about the safe working practises you should be following

The whole film is available from Outtakes at

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