First JLG 1500SJ to be sold in Eastern Europe

By Maria Hadlow16 February 2012

Industrial Access Romania invest in the first JLG 1500SJ Ultra Boom to be sold in Eastern Europe.

Industrial Access Romania invest in the first JLG 1500SJ Ultra Boom to be sold in Eastern Europe.

Rental company, Industrial Access Romania expects a good return on its new JLG Ultra Boom 1500SJ: the first of this 50m working height telescopic boom to be sold in Eastern Europe.

Industrial Access Romania said that currently only 27 work platforms of this kind have been ordered in Europe: 20 of which are in Benelux, six in Western Europe and now one in Eastern Europe. The model was launched in 2011 at Conexpo Las Vegas.

Stefan Ponea, the chief executive officer and managing partner of Industrial Access said, "The cost effectiveness of this equipment is above the average of the other 800+ machines that we currently include in the fleet of Industrial Access. We expect a return on investment period of 3-4 years, as opposed to the average on other pieces of equipment that reach up to 10 years.

"Considering the unique character of this machine in Eastern Europe, the rental price of the aerial working platform model 1500SJ will be €12000 per month, and is, therefore, 40% higher than the rental price charged for the previous model in the series."

Additional benefits of the 1500SJ are that it has been designed to be compact enough to transport on a standard trailer and has a Tier III engine reducing engine emissions.

Industrial Access said that the 1500SJ ensures not only productivity and safety at working heights up to 50m, but does not compromise the functionality and the aesthetics of the surrounding area. "For example, in situations such as the construction work currently being carried out at the National Theatre in Bucharest, the scaffold that presently surrounds the building and that is hindering the pedestrian traffic and spoiling the look of the centre of the city would not be needed if the aerial work platform 1500SJ were employed."

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