First job for G²│K 600

By Laura Hatton26 August 2015

The 600 tonne capacity Goldhofer G²¦K 600 high girder bridge

The 600 tonne capacity Goldhofer G²¦K 600 high girder bridge

German transport service provider Kahl Schwerlast has used its Goldhofer G²│K 600 high girder bridge to transport a 261 tonne transformer.

The 600 tonne capacity girder bridge was developed in collaboration with Greiner and specialized trailer manufacturer Goldhofer.

The 300 MVA Siemens transformer was 11.2 x 3.8 x 4.4 metres. The transformer was first shipped by barge to the Westfalen power plant in Hamm, Germany, where it was unloaded using a roll-on roll-off transshipment using a 14-axle Goldhofer self-propelled vehicle. It was then taken 80 km by road to the TenneT substation in Paderborn-Elsen.

Challenges along the route included negotiating eight roundabouts and a 90 degree turn onto a level crossing. In addition, traffic signs and traffic lights were dismantled prior to the arrival of the cargo.

The complete push-pull tractor trailer rig, with 2 x 16 axles, had a total weight of 550 tonnes, measured 84 m long, 4.6 m wide and 4.7 m high. It had an axle load of 15 tonnes.

Stefan Fuchs, Goldhofer CEO said, “I am delighted to see that our high girder bridge has now made its debut on the road and done a great job, too.”

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