First truck mount event in Hong Kong

By Euan Youdale03 August 2017


 Sht 026 tadano x hino at 255 cg, at 195 cg, at 157 cg.

Shign Fung’s truck mount opne day.

The first Hong Kong Truck Mounted Aerial Platform Open Day was held on 7 July at Shing Fung Film Studio in Sai Kung.

Shing Fung Engineering & Equipment partnered with Crown Motors and Tadano Japan to showcase a wide range of Tadano aerial platforms models and Hino special purpose vehicles in a bid to enhance the safe and effective use of powered access equipment in Hong Kong.

Shing Fung, the official distributor of Tadano in Hong Kong, presented a fleet of AT-series platforms, including AT-255CG, AT-195CG and AT-157CG models, mounted on Hino chassis. These models have safety devices such as automatic working area limiter (AMC) and boom profile monitor system. They have a maximum working height of 27.5m, 21.5m and 17.7m, respectively. They are suited to a range of work such as cleaning facades, external glass area, restoration, painting, movie filming and many more.

Raymond Wat, regional general manager of The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) South East Asia, was invited to the event to demonstrate a pre-inspection of a Tadano AT-255CG. He was there with Ringtone Chai, Shing Fung’s IPAF certified demonstrator, who performed a quality safety check under the guidance of IPAF and Hong Kong Occupational Safety and Health Branch Labour Department.

Masanori Mitani, the general manager of Tadano, said, “By having a pre-inspection demonstration on our open day, we enhanced the safety awareness on powered access aerial platform for the Hong Kong users.”

Kindwind Wu, chief executive officer of Shing Fung, added, “We are delighted to partner with Crown Motors and Tadano by offering a professional aerial platform to the Hong Kong market, and we appreciated their full support.

“By the end of 2017, we will be launching the AT-300CG, with a maximum working height of 32m. We will continue our role to promote the safety and effective use of truck mounted aerial platform to the Hong Kong users.”

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