Five major Greek ports to be upgraded

The European Union (EU) has approved funding for the upgrade of four major Greek ports, with a fifth receiving a government-backed expansion package.

The container port at Pireaus in Athens, Greece. Photo: Adobe Stock

Through six infrastructure projects under the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility, the ports of Pireaus, Thessaloniki, Heraklion and Igoumenitsa will see improvements including the addition of electric charging solutions for ships using hybrid propulsion technology.

The installation of digital technology to facilitate just-in-time arrival and sustainable logistics is also planned.

Additionally, the Greek government plans to carry out immediate works on the strategically important port of Alexandroupolis, including dredging the port channel out to a distance of 2.5km, to allow access to large warships.

Road construction is also planned, both within the port and with a view to connecting it with the Egnatia Highway.

The total cost of the various upgrades and the EU funding has so far not been reported.

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