Five new UpRight machines show range and cooperation

By Maria Hadlow09 March 2009

(L to R) Roelant Molder, Micheal Wright, aftersales director; and Ramesh Lal, distribution manager,

(L to R) Roelant Molder, Micheal Wright, aftersales director; and Ramesh Lal, distribution manager, in front of UpRights X80ND scissor lift.

During APEX UpRight focused on showing the breadth of its product range, with five new machines, three being the result of cooperation with other manufacturers.

The trailer mounted XT24AL, a 9 m working height model, is designed and built by PLE Inc in the US and assembled by Planet Platforms in the UK, but will now be available through UpRight.

The other two ‘badged' models are both built by Netherlands based Omega Lift, with the most attention focused on the massive X80ND, a diesel-powered, 26.5 m working height scissor with a width of just 1.24 m. The other model was the crawler mounted10.5 m working height X28T scissor.

"Omega is working with us in developing some machines", said Richard Tindale, "We will manufacture the scissor stacks using our own supply chain, and we are working together on some new designs." These are likely to be mid-to-large sized rough terrain scissors; "Omega is experienced in building those", said Mr Tindale.

According to Ramesh Lal, distribution manager for UpRight, the XT24AL can be towed with any light vehicle. "It's ideal because of oil prices," he said. The XT24AL can lift two people up to 227 kg and features an extended deck, electric outriggers and automatic leveling. "It's real simple," Mr Lal said, "There are no complex electronics. Everything is electric," including the outriggers.

The X80ND was developed because customers asked for a larger, slimmer and more powerful machine as warehouses and other "big boxes" continue to grow, so does the need for slim scissors. "Width is the most important thing about it," said Mr Lal "Not many machines can get this high or manoeuvre as well." With non-marking tyres that perform four- wheel drive and four -wheel steer, the unit can move through narrow aisles.

The other two new models are the UpRight TL34 trailer, a "back to basics" low cost trailer providing a working height of up to 12.2m and 5m of outreach, and the UpRight X33BE scissor, a bi-energy version of the X33RT rough terrain scissor lift.

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