Folding efficiency from Spierings

By Euan Youdale25 June 2008

Spierings, a Dutch manufacturer of mobile folding tower cranes, officially introduced the new crawler SK2400-R at an open day on 20 and 21 June. Parallel to the launch new production facilities were also officially opened, writes Gino Koster.

The SK2400-R crane upper is identical to the AT7 truckmounted version. It offers a maximum capacity of 18 tonnes at 14.6m radius, at a hook height of either 25.7 or 35.5m. At full outreach the crane has a maximum capacity of 5.5 tonnes at either 42m or at 36.6m when the jib is luffed up to 30 degrees.

The crawler chassis is equipped with front and rear outriggers, offering a maximum outrigger square of 8140mm x 7660mm (length x width). Alternatively the crane offers a duty chart on a reduced outrigger width of 5880mm. Additional outrigger plates, measuring 1800 x 1300mm, reducing ground pressure to 0,27N/mm2, remain on the crane during transport. Over the tracks the crane is 5100mm wide. Tail radius is reduced to 4630mm. According to Spierings the crane can move on its crawlers fully erected, with a horizontal jib only.

The SK2400-R is also self-sufficient when it comes to relocation from site to site. Hydraulic cylinders allow part of the crane counterweight (14 tonnes) to be lowered on to the chassis, in order for the crane to remove and load for transport itself. That also applies to both crawlers weighing 9 tonnes each. Once folded in, the outrigger cylinders have sufficient lift to allow a 900mm high semi-lowbed trailer to be manoeuvred underneath for loading and subsequent transport to its next location. In transport the crane weighs 52.5 tonnes, is 3485mm wide and has a height of 4145mm. Additionally one trailer is required to move the three loose parts.

First units of the new SK2400-R have been sold to general contractor Hendriks in the Netherlands.

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