Folding solution

15 April 2008

Alimak Hek in Australia has supplied two pairs of Hek Twin MSM Super mast climbers with special fold–down platforms at both ends to help contractors attach cable stays to the 70 m high towers on a new bridge in Brisbane.

The 500 m long ‘green’ bridge links the University of Queensland and Dutton Park and is designed for use by pedestrians and buses. The contractors, John Holland Group and cable installer Structural Systems, used the platforms to fit the cables to the towers and then stress them.

The platforms had special fold–down platforms at each ends. When folded up, the platforms could travel to any point on the tower. The fold–down platforms are lowered by hand–winch and provided access to the full width of the tower.

John Holland project engineer Daniel Mitchell says the “The mast climbers’ ability to adapt to the unique project requirements meant that it saved us time, money and was by far the safest option.”

See also in this feature our story on Hydro Mobile's solution to a similar access problem on a cable stayed bridge in Toledo, Ohio.

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