Four new Teupen machines at APEX

19 August 2011

Teupen's new LEO18GTplus has a 18.5m working height and an 8.5m outreach, it will be sold alongside

Teupen's new LEO18GTplus has a 18.5m working height and an 8.5m outreach, it will be sold alongside the existing LEO18GT.

Teupen is continuing its policy of sharing technology across its range by extending the re-engineering of its LEO spider platform machines and now integrating the technology into its truck and trailer mounted access platforms.

Two of the new models at APEX are enhancements of the LEO Series, there is a new trailer-mounted GEPARD13GT and a new product in the 3.5t truck range, the EUROB18GT.

The two new LEOs are developments of existing models, adding to their user friendliness, performance and safety. The 15.5m working height LEO15GTplus replaces the LEO15GT,but the new 18.5m working height LEO18GTplus will be sold alongside the existing standard model LEO18GT.

The LEO15GTplus has 0.5m more working height than the previous model and a 7.9m outreach compared to 6.5m previously. The LEO18GTplus also has an extra 0.5m working height and 8.5m of outreach compared to 7.5 on the LEO18GT. The working envelope is unrestricted on both machines with a 200kg basket capacity, the machines have a new stabiliser design and a moveable fly-jib.

The new truck mounted EUROB18GT was developed simultaneously with the new LEO18GTplus and from the slew ring upwards shares the same lift technology. It has 18.8m working height and 8.5 m outreach at full 200 kg basket capacity

The total weight of 3240 kg and transport height of 2.35m means the EUROB18GT is low weight and compact. The detachable cable remote allows the operator to control the lift from the basket or, via plug connection which, says Teupen makes additional control boxes on the ground unecessary. EUROB18GT also has auto-levelling and zero tail swing within the chassis profile.

The new trailer mounted GEPARD13GT has the same boom design as Teupen's LEO13GT it has one-touch automatic stabiliser levelling, a detachable basket and a removable and easy-to-use cable control with only two joysticks for intuitive handling.

In addition to the main power source, the 24V battery pack with charger, a Honda or an AC motor are also available. The traction drive ensures that the lift can be moved easily over the worksite. The GEPARD13GT has 12.8m working height and 6.05 m outreach. Teupen says that because of its low weight and compact transport dimensions, the GEPARD13GT can operate indoors as well as out, so that all applications are covered safely and efficiently.

By integrating its lift technology across the ranges Teupen says it is is following the course it started with the LEO13GT, "to offer the most attractive price-performance ratio in the 13 to 18m working height class."

Michael Wotschke, CEO of the Teupen Group, said, "Now that we have shifted the entire production to Germany and have a high degree of component similarity, we are able to transfer our high standards of quality and safety to the trailer and 3.5t truck-mounted segments."

Mr Wotschke believes that as cost effectiveness and efficiency play a key role, especially with contractors and rental companies, another major advantage of an integrated lift concept across segments is increased efficiency for the customer, "The same first-class lift design with the same comfortable control and handling can now be introduced in the entire fleet. This means operators are trained in the concept once and from then on are familiar with the lifts no matter if trailer-, truck- or track-mounted. The same benefit is, of course, created in technical support, service and spare parts logistics."

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