Free KHL rental news app for smartphones

10 July 2014

The KHL rental news app can be downloaded for free and is currently available for iPhones, iPads and Android smart phones and tablets.

The app allows IRN readers to get breaking rental news on their smartphone device. It can be downloaded directly through your iPhone or iPad by pressing the blue "App Store" icon.

Then hit the Search tab and type "KHL" – all the KHL News apps will appear in the search results, so just select rental and tap the “FREE” icon.

The "FREE" icon should then turn green and say "INSTALL". When it does, tap it. You will be then asked to provide the password for your iTunes account. Enter the password and the application will download automatically.

Once it has downloaded, simply tap the new Rental News icon on your iPhone or iPad and the application will load.

You can also download any of the KHL News apps for iPhone/iPad by using iTunes on your PC or Mac. It will then install on your device next time you sync it with your computer.

For Android devices, download the app it directly through your Android mobile phone by pressing the Play Store icon. Then hit the Search tab and type "KHL".

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