Freightliner welcomes two new RMGs

By Sarah Ann McCay27 October 2012

Two new Liebherr RMGs at Freightliner, Southampton

Two new Liebherr RMGs at Freightliner, Southampton

Freightliner Southampton, in the UK, inaugurated its two new Liebherr rail mounted gantry (RMG) cranes at a ceremony on 15 October. The cranes have been named Freightliner Fortis 15-10-2012 and Freightliner Agilitas 15-10-2012.

Liebherr Container Cranes installed and commissioned the two RMGs over the course of a single weekend. The commissioning had to be completed quickly because Freightliner Ltd.’s Southampton Maritime Terminal is a busy, active terminal, said the manufacturer. The cranes were shipped to the UK in large pre-assembled pieces and assembled on site.

The RMGs have a span of 42 m with an operational outreach of 21 m on the wide leg side and each crane will be capable of spanning 13 lanes. Lift height is 16.9 m and safe working load is 40 tonnes under telescopic spreader.

Each crane trolley is capable of slewing within a 190 degree range.The hoist has a speed of 23m/sec when fully loaded and 52m/sec under empty spreader. The crane will trolley at a speed of 70m/min when fully loaded and has a top travel speed of 100m/min.

The investments in these new cranes follow other Liebherr crane installations at the company’s Birmingham and Manchester terminals in 2009 and 2008.

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