French success for Hitachi Premium Rental

By Leila Steed20 November 2019

Société Robert Chevillard is one of Hitachi dealer Cobemat’s first customers to rent a wheeled excavator through the Hitachi Premium Rental service.

Société Robert Chevillard's Hitachi ZX145W-6

Société Robert Chevillard has been renting a Hitachi ZX145W-6 through the manufacturer’s Premium Rental service

Based in Normandy, France, the rental company began using the service in November 2018 and said it had used the machine with its own operator working as a subcontractor on a rental customer’s projects.

The Hitachi service offers mid-size machines from 8 to 50 tonnes to be rented by the month for up to a year.

According to Hitachi, Société Robert Chevillard selected the ZX145W-6 model because it is similar in size to its existing ZX140W-5 model. It was supplied with a tilt rotator, fork attachments and different sized buckets.

Christophe Talarmin, Manager at Société Robert Chevillard, said, “We like the flexibility of renting the ZX145W-6. If there is no work, then there is no cost for this machine.

“Hitachi Premium Rental also guarantees that you get a well-maintained and constantly monitored wheeled excavator – we appreciate the support we receive from Cobemat. This is important for us because when our customers call the machine has to be ready the next day.”

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