Friderici transports 248 tonne transformer

31 May 2013

Friderici transports the 248 tonne transformer

Friderici transports the 248 tonne transformer

Transport company Friderici met a range of challenges to move a transformer from Corbeil Essones to the nuclear power plant in Belleville sur Loire, France.

The transformer was 8 metres long, 4 m wide and weighed 248 tonnes. It was moved on a Nicolas MDED modular platform trailer along the 220 km route from Corbeil Essones to Belleville sur Loire.

Challenges during the move included low ground clearance, uneven road surfaces and tight corners. To overcome these issues 10 and 12 axle trailers, including one side girder deck, were used at different stages of the transportation.

During the move the cargo travelled along the A6 Paris-Lyon motorway in Ury, over a rail track crossing in Briare and a bridge with a low weight capacity. To cross the bridge the bypass was fitted with aluminium and steel plates to spread the load.

The combined weight of the transport and cargo was 451 tonnes. In total it was 65.6 m long, 5 m wide and stood 4.6 m tall.

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