Fuel cell lighting tower launched by Youngman/TCP

08 February 2013

From left, Andrew Barker (TCP), John Bungay (Youngman) and Mark Griffin (BOC), at the launch of the

From left, Andrew Barker (TCP), John Bungay (Youngman) and Mark Griffin (BOC), at the launch of the fuel cell lighting tower at the Executive Hire Show.

Youngman Group and TCP have jointly launched a new lighting tower powered by a fuel cell, using hydrogen as the fuel and with no noise or damaging emissions.

The Ecolite-H2 is powered by a BOC Hymera fuel cell, which has been commercially available for more than a year and a half. A fuel cell converts chemical energy into electricity through a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. The only emissions are heat and water.

Andrew Barker, managing director of TCP, which sells its Ecolite towers through a partnership with Youngman Group, told IRN that one large cylinder of hydrogen would power the light for 50-60 hours, with a pallet of four containers enough for a month’s operation.

The fuel cell develops up to 150 w of energy. The hydrogen fuel containers can be delivered anywhere in the UK within 24 to 48 hours. There will be a premium price for the new technology, but Mr Barker said this would not be prohibitive.

The unit was unveiled on the first day of the Executive Hire Show, where the unit was fitted with three small hydrogen canisters inside the canopy, for demonstration purposes. For longer operation, larger, externally sited canisters will be required.

John Bungay, business development director at Youngman, said they were looking at a controlled introduction of the product to the market via some key rental customers; “I think it will be bigger rental companies who will consider their key customers who have applications where this will give them the edge.”

Mr Bungay said the key to the product was the design of the LED lamps, which incorporate prismatic lenses that directs light in an optimal way. This, said Mr Bungay, reduced the power requirements for the lamps and paved the way for the use of the fuel cell technology.

Mark Griffin, Hymera sales manager at BOC, said; “It is not often that a new and practical alternative to conventional fuels becomes available but the Hymera does just that – it brings hydrogen power to today’s marketplace. The portable power generator is ideal for high-tech, low energy technologies like LED floodlighting.”

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