GantiCharger reduces battery costs

By Maria Hadlow05 September 2011

The GantiCharger can greatly reduce battery costs.

The GantiCharger can greatly reduce battery costs.

Visitors to APEX could save themselves substantial battery costs if they visit Norwegian company Gantic AS. Tommy Jorgensen, the creator of 'GantiCharger' battery charger and owner of Gantic AS will be at the show to answer your questions.

GantiCharger is designed to supply a unique and optimum charge to each battery (in a traction battery pack) separately rather than applying a standard charge across the battery pack as a whole. When a battery is full the charge to that unit stops while the others continue to charge. This prevents overheating and the associated battery damage.

GantiCharger is designed to reduce the frequency and costs associated with battery replacement caused by boiling of battery electrolyte, reduce the requirement for battery equalisation, reduce sulphate deposits via its desulphation technology and decrease the negative environmental effects of "good" batteries being replaced unnecessarily.

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