Geda aims for the stars in Munich

12 February 2014

The Geda 500 Z/ZP platform atop the Deutsches Museum in Munich

The Geda 500 Z/ZP platform atop the Deutsches Museum in Munich

German hoist manufacturer Geda is supplying a 500 Z/ZP transport platform to assist with renovations works being carried out at the Deutsches Museum in Munich.

The building is being restored as part of the Future Initiative Deutsches Museum programme, with master craftsmen from the Denkmalschutz, the German body responsible for conserving historic monuments, closely monitoring the works.

The crowning glory of the building is a planetarium dating back to 1959. The popular exhibition is housed in the dome structure on the roof of the main building. Apart from the masonry, the dome itself is being gutted, re-plastered and insulated.

The Geda 500 Z/ZP is being used to enable access to the building site 36 m up in the air. The platform is being used to transport people and materials up a modular scaffolding with a staircase. A catwalk then leads from the top exit gate on the roof terrace to the dome entrance.

The Geda 500 Z/ZP transport platform can be used as a construction hoist with a payload of up to 850 kg and as a transport platform for five persons and loads of up to 500 kg.

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