Genesis introduces Quattro shear

18 April 2012

A twin cylinder configuration gives Genesis' latest shear, the Quattro, a significant peerformance advantage over standard single cylinder models, said the company at Intermat this week.

The company went on to say that the Quattro provides a higher closing force with an open shear jaw that improves cutting capacity on larger materials such as pipes and beams. With its two smaller cylinders, faster cycle times result to offer improved productivity. The configuration results in lower back pressure in the hydraulic system that lowers oil temperatures and reduces the possibility of damage to system seals. Finally, each individual shear can be tailored to specific customer requirements.

The two cylinders are positioned at an angle to each other rather than parallel and the result is a smoother cutting force curve of the actuation cycles. According to Genesis, a single large cylinder has several disadvantages, such as slower cycle times that results in lower productivity, a reletively high back pressure that results in higher oil temperatures and the risk of seal damage.

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