GGR welcomes additions

By Laura Hatton09 January 2013

The F200E lifts a GK20

The F200E lifts a GK20

The GGR Group in the UK has added two new pick and carry crane models to its hire fleet of compact lifting equipment.

They are the tracked all terrain Galizia GK20 crane and the Galizia F200E Plus high-capacity crane. Both are battery powered.

The GK20 has a 2 tonne capacity and is designed to move over both uneven terrain and soft ground with gradients of up to 11.3 degrees. It is 820 mm wide, has a 5.15 metre working height and has a telescoping boom with a 3.5 m working radius. The GK20 has a digital safe load indicator and an overload warning alarm. It has hydraulic brakes, power is from a rechargeable 48V battery and there is a radio remote control.

The F200E Plus has a lift capacity of 20 tonnes and working radius is 6 m. Removable counterweights are another feature. The F200E Plus has a 9 m lifting height and can be fitted with a 4 tonne capacity hydraulic searcher hook to reach 11.4 m. The crane can also be used with an optional 16 tonne capacity rhino hook and a full 6-fall winch system and radio remote control.

The F200E has 180 degree hydraulic steering, two electric motors driving the front wheels and a rear safety camera for increased visibility.

Both cranes can manoeuvre around busy working environments and lift heavy loads without the need for outriggers, GGR said.

GGR Group runs CPCS accredited training programmes for operating these pick and carry cranes.

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