Global interest in Verton

16 August 2019

Brisbane, Australia-based lifting and rotation management specialist Verton is enjoying interest in its R-series crane safety device from around the world. The R-series is a remote load-management system that eliminates the need for human held taglines to control suspended loads. This, Verton said, improves safety and productivity for crane operations.

190408 Verton R Series

Universal Cranes using the R-series

Australian crane hire company Universal Cranes was the first company to start using the R-series earlier this year.

Verton also received funding from the Queensland government’s Business Development Fund (BDF), and the R-series also won a ‘best in class’ award in the engineering design category of Australia’s Good Design Awards.

The R-series has now been launched in the UK, too, with Verton demonstrating the system to civil engineering company Sir Robert McAlpine and another demonstration at the Thames Tideway Tunnel project in Wapping, London.

Verton said that, as well as construction companies, the R-series has received interest from mining, port and shipping operators. It has also established a partnership with international heavy lifting and transport specialist Mammoet and wind turbine supplier Vestas to further develop a new, safer lifting method for installing wind turbine blades.

Verton managing director Trevor Bourne said, “We’re delighted to be launching this new technology in the UK which will significantly improve safety and boost productivity and efficiency.

“The R-series is a world-first, remote-controlled load management system which Stan Thomson invented and it is revolutionising the world of lifting operations. With the R-Series, workers will thankfully no longer be near or under moving loads reducing accidents and fatality rates in crane operations.

“Verton’s equipment has already been adopted by crane companies and mine operators in Australia and we have had strong interest in Europe and are talking to companies globally. Our lifting solutions will be used around the world and we are looking forward to working with UK partners in the coming months.”

190122 Verton Hoist

The Verton R-series crane safety device

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