Godwin Pumps to integrate ITT technology

By Murray Pollok15 March 2011

Godwin Pumps, exhibiting at ConExpo, said impeller designs and remote pump monitoring systems from ITT are to be integrated into Godwin's dri-prime pumps - the first technical synergies between the two since ITT acquired Godwin last year.

There may not be modified pumps on show on Godwin's stand at ConExpo, but the company will be able to provide details of its plans for adopting ITT technology.

Per Ohstrom, Godwin Pumps' vice president of worldwide marketing and business development, told IRN that impeller designs used on some of the larger ITT submersible pumps will be adapted for use in Godwin pumps, particularly in applications where the pumps have to deal with solids.

"ITT has invested a lot of time on impeller designs, particularly for solid handling in markets like mining", says Mr Ohstrom. He said the use of the ITT impellers in Godwin's pumps will be well suited to applications such as mining and municipality work such as pipe bypassing jobs.

Likewise, ITT's expertise in using electronics to remotely monitor its submersible pumps could be adapted for use in Godwin's pumps, in particular in mining and bypass operations where pipe runs can be extremely long.

Also currently underway is investment in Godwin pumps by ITT's pump rental operations worldwide, especially outside North America. "The Godwin people are helping them build their rental fleets", says Mr Ohstrom.

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