Goldhofer showing breadth of application at GIS

By Alex Dahm09 September 2021

Red Goldhofer Stepstar trailer carrying large cylindrical load The Stepstar series comprises three- to five-axle self-tracking semi-trailers with an intelligent load securing system, Goldhofer said

Transport equipment manufacturer Goldhofer said it will highlight its flexible, multifunctional and cost-effective transport solutions at the GIS exhibition in Italy from 7 to 9 October.

Its new Stepstar semi-low loaders are designed to offer high payload for a low dead weight. The Mega loadable gooseneck helps maximise use of the overall vehicle length.

ADDrive combines properties of towed and self-propelled heavy-duty modules. This flexibility means there is no need to transfer a cargo from road transport vehicle to self propelled transporters, something which can sometimes be necessary more than once.

“After such a long period with no major trade shows, we are very much looking forward to once again presenting our transport solutions face-to-face and holding interesting discussions”, said Robert Steinhauser, Goldhofer sales manager for Europe and North Africa.

An additional feature of the Stepstar series introduced in 2020 is the new generation ramps developed for vehicles with low ramp angles. Operation is by radio remote control and they are quick to attach and remove. Excavators with bigger booms can easily be moved, the company said, and there are versions with one or two pairs of wheel recesses. The Mega gooseneck is designed to be low enough for easy loading. A TraffideckGo polymer deck covering co-developed by Goldhofer can be specified. It saves weight and reduces loading height compared with conventional wood or rubber flooring, the company said.

On show at GIS will be a 280 hp ADDrive with three hydraulically driven axle lines. Its multi-combination coupling allows combination with most Goldhofer heavy duty modules common in Europe, the company said. It also works with drop decks and long-load turntables.

New Goldhofer synchronisation software has been announced to allow operation of ADDrive in combination with other self-propelled transporters and modules.

See more about the GIS show here

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