Goldhofer vessel bridge for wind turbines

29 January 2010

Goldhofer vessel bridge for 2 MW Vestas wind turbine nacelles and other loads

Goldhofer vessel bridge for 2 MW Vestas wind turbine nacelles and other loads

A new Goldhofer vessel bridge system for wind turbine transport has been developed in conjunction with a pair of Danish companies.

Goldhofer manufactures specialized heavy transport equipment in Germany. Denmark-based Vestas Wind Systems is a leading wind turbine manufacturer while Torben Rafn & Co. is a veteran in the turbine haulage industry.

The vessel bridge is designed for transporting the nacelle of the new Mk6 and Mk7 Vestas 2 MW turbines. Primary features of the new vessel bridge include neutral driveability, safety, simple operation, flexibility and economy, Goldhofer said.

Torben Rafn was the first customer for a Goldhofer tower adapter to transport wind turbines in 1991. "When you have three proven experts in their fields sitting around a table, something truly ingenious can result. The new system impresses with its straightforward handling and simultaneous cost effectiveness", said Stefan Fuchs, Goldhofer CEO.

The vessel bridge can be used to transport other types of load, helping with the return on investment. "The bridge scores highly in terms of flexibility and economical operation. For example, payloads of up to 95 tonnes can be realised in combination with a 10-axle heavy-duty module. That offers considerable options in terms of transportation", said Fuchs.

Both partners commented favourably on the functionality of the Goldhofer system. "The bridge is extremely quick and user-friendly. Vestas were particularly impressed by the fast loading time for nacelles", said Torben Rafn, head of the Danish haulage firm.

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