Good planning for safe working

By Maria Hadlow14 May 2010

Considering the complete working site helped Lindig choose the right machine for the job.

Considering the complete working site helped Lindig choose the right machine for the job.

When specifying an aerial work platform is planned, the range and the work height are usually the most crucial parameters for selecting suitable equipment. However, German rental partnership, System Lift points out that an experienced rental account executive will look at the complete picture to devise the optimal solution.

An example is a project carried out by the System Lift partner LINDIG in a project in the city center of Kassel, Germany.

A lighting company had to carry out some work over the entrance of the Kurfürs­ten Gallery, at first glance a 10 m telescopic work platform would have been adequate to reach the work site, however, such a machine would have blocked the bus-lane and obstructed the entrance for visitors to the shopping centre.

Jörg Emde, account executive at LINDIG, recommended a 45 m working height truck mounted platform which could be parked out of the way while the telescopic arm with jib could deliver the workers up to the work-site. Mr Emde said, "The 4 m wide work basket carried the work platform operator and the two mechanics to be positioned on the sloping work area. The truck mount allowed them to work on the awkward angle in safe conditions."

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