Good sense

19 March 2008

Extreme conditions are said to be no contest for a rotary sensor from UK-based Penny + Giles.

The company's rugged SRS280 has been given the IP68 sealed rating for operation in harsh environments.

For position measurement in industrial applications, such as valve position monitoring, the device is designed to be protected against the ingress of water, dust and dirt.

The device uses Penny + Giles’ hybrid potentiometer technology, “providing high stability under extremes of temperature and humidity, with virtually infinite resolution and a life in excess of 50 million operations.

“SRS280 was the first rotary sensor of its kind to offer a range of 35 different models with angles from 10 to 350 degrees allowing the user to match the sensitivity of the system to the application, for better data acquisition and closer control,” said a company spokesman.

The SRS280 is also available with an IP50 rating for applications where such a high level of protection is not required. For further information see

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