Gromax merges into single company

By Thomas Allen26 September 2019

Dutch rental company Gromax Rental has merged into a single BV (a private company with limited liability).


From left to right: Martin van Spaandonk, Merno Lek and Piet van Maris - the owners of the three previously independent business units of Gromax Rental

Until recently, Piet van Maris, Merno Lek and Martin van Spaandonk were the owners of three independent business units, each of which acted under the Gromax Rental brand, renting out equipment to sectors such as construction, demolition and cleaning.

The company will be led by van Maris, who said, “Together, strong for the future.”

By merging, Gromax intends to enhance logistical efficiency and thereby better serve its customers from its seven depots across the Netherlands. It has been described as a “major step in the growth vision of Gromax”.

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