Grove crawlers from Sennebogen for the Americas

By Laura Hatton21 January 2015

The total crane length of the GHC75 with boom retracted is 13 m and crane retracted width is 3.2 m

The total crane length of the GHC75 with boom retracted is 13 m and crane retracted width is 3.2 m

Crane manufacturers Manitowoc and Sennebogen have agreed a supply and distribution deal for telescopic crawler cranes. Manitowoc will offer for sale in the Americas a series of telescopic crawler cranes built by Sennebogen in Germany.

Three Grove-branded models will be available, the 55 US ton capacity GHC55, 77 ton GHC75, and the 132 ton GHC130 (50, 70 and 120 metric tonne capacities, respectively).

Mike Herbert, global product director for rough terrain cranes at Manitowoc, said, “The GHC series is for customers that need a compact, manoeuvrable crane that can face the rigors of merciless terrain. With minimal transport requirements, 100 per cent pick and carry ability and a telescoping boom, these cranes will prove very nimble in both getting to and navigating job sites.”

GHC Series cranes will be supported by Manitowoc Crane Care’s service network. Attachments available include an auger and a pole claw, for work on power line projects.

The GHC55 has a 30.4 metre main boom. Total system length with boom retracted is 10.7 m and the crane's width with crawlers retracted is 3.5 m. Overall height is 3.2 m.

On the GHC75 is a 36 m main boom. With it retracted the total length for transport is 13 m and it is 3.2 m wide with crawlers retracted. Overall height is 3.2 m.

The GHC130 has a 40.2 m main boom. For transport the crane is 15.3 m long by 3.9 m wide and 4 m high overall. All three cranes have Tier 4 Final Cummins engines.

Manitowoc will offer maintenance, service, spare parts and financing. The equivalent products from the Sennebogen product range (the Sennebogen 653, 673, and 6113) will not be offered in the Americas.

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