Grove GMK6300 at work on German silo demolition

By Lindsay Gale09 August 2011

A new Grove GMK6300 300 tonne capacity all terrain crane delivered direct to site to German crane rental company Greving was used during the demolition of six agricultural silos. Each silo was 15 m (50 ft) in diameter, 30 m (100 ft) high and weighed 6 tonnes, and were located at a site at Ostbevern in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany.

The work was expected to take two weeks on the site owned by farming company Haneburg & Leusing but in the event took just half that time. The silos were lifted at 64 m (210 ft) radius with the crane rigged with 53 m (174 ft) of luffing jib on a 43 m (141 ft) main boom.

Greving runs a 24-hour demolition service and a transport fleet of 30 vehicles in addition to its crane rental operations, based around a fleet of 30 cranes.

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