Hardhat option

08 May 2008

This month sees the launch of four new portable compressors from Atlas Copco Airpower featuring the company's corrosion and crack resistant ‘Hardhat’ canopies.

The new Hardhat compressor enclosure is designed to eliminate corrosion problems associated with metal housings and to maintain the look, and hopefully the value, of the portable units. The enclosure is made of linear medium density polyethylene (LMDP), which is impact and crack resistant.

Earlier this year the first Atlas Copco portable compressors to feature the Hardhat option were launched — the XAHS 37, XAS 47 and XAS 57. From this month (September), the XATS 67, XAS 67, 77, and 97 models will also be available with the new enclosure.

The XAS 37 Hardhat model is scheduled for introduction early next year. All the Hardhat models will also remain available with traditional enclosures.

According to Atlas Copco, the major market for the Hardhat option is Europe. Since their launch, sales of compressors with the Hardhat canopy have accounted for around 25% of the company's total sales, with the majority of those units being bought by rental houses.

As Atlas Copco points out, one of the critical rental equations concerns cost of ownership, and while the Hardhat compressors have a higher purchase price, the increase in residual value is expected to lower the total cost over the life of the compressor.

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