Haulotte 10-year sales record

By Euan Youdale23 April 2019

Haulotte Group has achieved its best quarter for 10 years in its first quarter 2019 results.

Consolidated sales were €163.2 million ($183.7 million) in the quarter, compared with €137.5 million ($154.8 million) for the same period the previous year, an increase of 17%.

HAULOTTE compact 2668 RT

In Europe, with slight regional market growth, sales continued to increase in the quarter, by 20%, driven by improvements in the majority of countries, except the UK.

In North America, revenue growth was also up 20%, driven by a sharp rebound in scaffolding activity, and thanks to the aerial platforms business growing at 4%, in a market that was slightly down at the beginning of the year.

Latin America continued its momentum from previous quarters, posting a 21% increase in sales, driven mainly by Brazil.

In contrast, Asia-Pacific was down 3%, affected by a slowdown in the Middle East and more particularly in Turkey, offset by an increase in activity in Australia.

Overall, equipment sales was up 19%, compared with the first quarter of 2018. Services activity grew by 4% and the rental business grew by 10%.

Following the results, Haulotte Group has confirmed its sales growth forecast of around 10% for the 2019 financial year.

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