Haulotte launches niche products

By Maria Hadlow23 April 2009

The Compact 14 electric scissor has the added advantage of being drivable at full height.

The Compact 14 electric scissor has the added advantage of being drivable at full height.

Haulotte has launched four new aerial platforms at Intermat with emphasis on appealing to niche users.They are the, Compact 14 electric scissor; HA12CJ compact electric articulating boom the HA120PX ariculating boom and a modified version of the Star 6, the Star 6P, designed spefically for picking applications.

The Compact 14 is a development of Haulotte's Compact 12 narrow electric scissor. The Compact 14 provides an extra 2 m working height provided by and extra scissor pack. The machine has more powererful hydraulics and battery which has added extra weight to the base. This in turn has provided greater stability so the Compact 14 can be driven at full height unlike the smaller model.

The machine is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, in particular building maintenance, warehousing

The Compact 14 is easy to manouvre both in the stowed position - when it is 1.20 m wide, 2.50 m high - and in working mode where it is easy to steer and has a tight turning radius The Compact 14 has a 130 mm ground clearance allowing easy movement on industrial floors which are not perfectly flat.

The machine will be available from September/October of this year and will be manufactured in Haulotte's Reimes factory. Philip James Haulotte's manager of Northern Europe said, "In a normal [non recession] year I would expect to produce between 300 and 400 machines a year."

The HA12CJ compact, electric, articulating boom,shown at Intermat was described as "a bit more than a prototype." It will be available early next year and is designed to to meet the requirements of operators needing to work at 12 m in congested areas.

Haulotte anticipates that the HA12CJ boom will be suitable for maintenance and repairs of electrics, lighting, air conditioning and so on. It is narrow and compact so can work in confined spaces.

The machine is based on the Star 10 and has minimal tail swing. When working at full height the machine remains within the envelope of the machines footprint. HA12CJ can pass through standard doors and the +/-700 jib rotation provides extra flexibility.

The HA12CJ will have a sister machine, the HA12CJ+ which has a 3D jib, this means that the jib as well as the basket rotates providing the user with even more flexibility.

The HA120PX articulating boom ireplaces the HA12PX of particular note is the hydraulic system which delivers power to where the user requires it for faster and smoother movement of the machine.

Another prototype on show was the Star 6P, this small electric articulating boom has been modified to suit picking applications in warehouses and retail units. The machine has been equipped with an adjustable height picking tray with a 90 kg capacity.

Other modifications include the "saloon door" style entry gates which are more convenient in applications where a user will be frequently climbing on and off the machine. The direction of drive has also been reversed so that the machine travels forward with the picking tray at the front.

Philip James said that he expected some customers would want machines to be branded with their company livery or they might require other additions - which he is willing to consider.

Earlier Alexandre Saubot Haulotte's chief operating officer said that Haulotte was commited to the market and to investing in research and development. He felt that the company's decision to attend Intermat was indicative of these policies.

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