Heavy condensers for Holleman

03 October 2013

The condensers were sailed along the River Danube to the Constanta Port

The condensers were sailed along the River Danube to the Constanta Port

Specialized transport provider Hollman in Bulgaria has transported two condensers from Ploiesti to Constanta Port in Romania.

The condensers weigh 105 tonnes each and were 6.35 metres tall. For the first stage of the project the cargo was transported via road on trailers. Due to the height of the cargo electrical, telephone and TV cables had to be removed along the route. The total height of the transport unit was 6.95 m.

For the second phase of the project, the condensers were transported to Constanta Port via the roll-on roll-off terminal of Oltenita Port on the River Danube. A 2,000 tonne pontoon, complete with ramp, was used along with Holleman’s gantry cranes, which released the trailers from the pontoon. The process took nine hours.

Once secured the cargo was sailed 200 km along the Danube to the Constanta Port. On arrival Holleman was responsible for the trans-shipment of the condensers. The condensers are part of a floating refinery in Australia.

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