04 March 2008

This Meloni overhead crane has a 25 tonne capacity and a span of 32 m. It is designed for heavy duty service in severe environmental conditions and has an electro-hydraulic grab.

In normal service the crane is controlled by PLC (programmable logic controller). The system takes into consideration the weight of the material, its level in the storage area and access to it, along with the unloading onto the hoppers.

Paolo Moretti at Meloni explains how the use of overhead travelling cranes in the handling of raw materials has big advantages over other systems.

He says the machine is very flexible and can be used in manual mode, and as well as being adapted for other uses. “They have a very low environmental impact. The storage areas are subjected to big dust production as a consequence of the handling of raw materials. The use of the overhead crane, with grab, reduces this kind of pollution because the material is taken and released softly, without throwing any material.”

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