Heavy ship sections transported by Combi Lift

By Katherine Weir17 May 2016

Combi Lift transports ship sections up to 1,000 tonnes each

Combi Lift transports ship sections up to 1,000 tonnes each

Germany-based ocean transportation and heavy lift company Combi Lift won the contract for the transportation of ship building sections between shipyards in Hamburg (Germany), Rostock (Germany), Gdyni (Poland) and Meyer-Werft in Papenburg, Germany where the final assembly will take place.

The merchant vessel Papenburg has an integrated pontoon that can be floated out, allowing Combi Lift to load in water less than two metres deep. When floated in, the pontoon serves as the main deck of the barge carrier and can be loaded from three sides in adequate water levels, the company said.

The maximum dimensions of the ship sections are approximately 40 m x 25 m x 25 m and are up to 1,000 tonnes each.

Combi Lift, a member to the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network in Germany, has a fleet of heavy lift vessels (Ro-Ro, Flo-Flo, Lo-Lo) of various sizes, specialized semi-submersible dock ships, seagoing barge carriers and Pan Ocean deck carriers.

Because Papenburg is able to load and discharge at almost every pier in the North, Mediterranean and Baltic Sea, it is said by Combi Lift to be the ideal vessel for large Ro-Ro cargo in this area - just like the fully assembled Liebherr LHM 800.

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