Heidelberg supervisory role for Hochtief's Lütkestratkötter

By Chris Sleight22 January 2010

Dr Lütkestratkötter, chairman and CEO at Hochtief

Dr Lütkestratkötter, chairman and CEO at Hochtief

Hochtief CEO Dr Herbert Lütkestratkötter has been appointed to the Supervisory Board of Heidelberg Cement. Also joining the Supervisory Board is Alan Murray, a former member of Heidelberg Cement's Management Board.

Dr Lütkestratkötter and Mr Murray will replace Eduard Schleicher and Gerhard Hirth, who resigned their positions at the end of last year following changes in the shareholding structure of Heidelberg Cement.

Heidelberg Cement's Management Board chairman Dr Bernd Scheifele said, "We are delighted that we have been able to win over two experienced and highly competent new members in Dr Lütkestratkötter and Mr Murray for our Supervisory Board. The changed composition of the Supervisory Board clearly reflects the new role of Heidelberg Cement as a public company with an international shareholder base.

Supervisory Boards are appointed by company shareholders to promote their interests and supervise the actions of the Executive or Management Board, comprising directors and the CEO. The Supervisory Board performs a similar function to that of non-executive directors in companies that have a single Board structure.

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