Height for Hire orders Falcons

By Euan Youdale02 March 2018

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TCA Lift has delivered three Falcon tracked platforms to Height for Hire in the UK.

Among the new units were the Falcon FS330Z Vario with variable crawler section, allowing the lift to drive in a vertical position on uneven surfaces such as stairs and slopes.

The Falcon has 33m working height, built on crawler chassis, with a 19m outreach.

“We are very proud to have Height for Hire as our customer, and we want to thank them for the good corporation through many years. The best reference you can have as a manufacturer is when a large customer, such as Height for Hire, continues to place orders”, said Brian Falck Schmidt, sales director at TCA Lift.

All three Falcons delivered are equipped with the new Falcon anti entrapment system option. The system stops the operation of the equipment and returns to its previous position when activated. The Falcon Anti Entrapment System is an option on all Falcon basket sizes and can be retrofitted to older.

Anti entrapment 2

Falcon anti entrapment.



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