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By Christian Shelton04 May 2017

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German construction hoist manufacturer Geda has an operator hoist system, called the Geda 2 PK, that it says can be easily installed on any type of crane from any manufacturer. The system comprises a rack and pinion hoist with aluminium ladder segments that allow the hoist to be installed up to a standard height of 150 m. Geda claims its hoist provides a safe and quick transport system for crane operators, maintenance personnel, and even materials up to 200 kg in weight. The system’s hoisting speed is 24 metres per minute

According to Geda, once the hoist’s base unit is assembled and anchored, aluminium ladder sections (weighing 22 kg) can be installed through the open cabin roof. Using Geda’s patented quick-release connections, the company claims the ladder can be easily assembled without any screws. Instead special rail anchoring provides tension-free attachment to the crane mast.

In addition to the main control mechanism in the cage, the GEDA 2 PK has an additional steering mechanism in the ground station or, as an option, at the upper exit point. This means that when there are high wind speeds the crane operator can also guide the cage down from the upper landing gates and then park the hoist there for the duration of the work. This way the crane does not have to withstand any additional wind forces in the upper area.

Geda says its overspeed safety brake guarantees safe transport and that electrical safety devices guard against faulty operation. When the cage is opened, a small entry ramp with lateral protection opens too, forming a safe transition to the crane.

Geda outlines the advantages of its hoist as enabling operators to easily and safely reach their cab in all kinds of weather. And if there is a problem, such as the operator falling unconscious, the hoist can help remove them from the crane without the need for a helicopter.  


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