Hiab completes range renewal

Following the renewal of its medium-range cranes, load handling machinery manufacturer Hiab said it has now finished renewing its light range loader crane portfolio with the aim of making work easier for operators and increasing efficiency.

Hiab’s light range loader cranes are available with capacities between 4 to 11 tonne metres. There are four options for remote and manual control systems. Hiab said this means its customers can choose a system that specifically meets their required level of crane operating precision.

The renewed range also includes Hiab’s X-4 Space system. “This enables the operator to handle the crane with the greatest of ease and with higher load cycling speeds,” said Jan Vink, director, light range loader cranes, Hiab.

The cranes are made with light high-tensile steel, while an external display provides an overview of the active crane and service status.

Depending on the choice of control system, a range of features are available for improving capacity, durability, flexibility, as well as safety, said Hiab. These include a semi-automatic folding system and a load stability system.

Hiab’s light range loader cranes come with a two-year warranty, as well as a five-year warranty for the steel structure.

“To avoid unnecessary downtime in our end customers’ operations, Hiab light cranes are designed for easier everyday maintenance. Key parts and components that require regular attention are located where they are easy to access. A good example is the integrated oil tank in the crane base, which can be installed without rearranging truck components and is quicker and simpler to reach. Also, these new models can be configured with various options, to enable easy mounting on the truck chassis. The whole installation is designed for the lowest possible overall weight,” Vink added.

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