Hiab improves the mid-range

By Ian Vallely06 October 2016

Hiab has enhanced its mid-range loader cranes

Hiab has enhanced its mid-range loader cranes

Hiab, part of Cargotec, has transformed its mid-range loader crane range with 24 new and updated models.

Demand is growing in the mid-range, 20 tonne-metre, segment, Hiab said.

Commenting on the new products Joakim Andersson, senior vice president, loader cranes, at Hiab, said, “Safety, reliability, durability and ease of use are Hiab’s top priorities, which are helping the customers run their businesses efficiently. A prime example of this strong focus on innovation is the current update of our mid-range loader crane portfolio.”

Crane tip control minimises the complexity of co-ordinating the crane for the operator, Hiab said. There is a load stability system to ensure safer operation of the crane. Semi-automatic folding makes it simpler to park or activate the crane, which are two of the most difficult operations when working with a loader crane.

The new cranes are up to 300 kilogrammes lighter than Hiab’s previous models, which means extra payload for the customer. An advanced remote control system, the new V200 valve and updated hydraulics add further value, Hiab said.

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