Hiab launches VSL Plus

By Laura Hatton21 October 2015

VSL PLUS is being used on the new Hiab X-HiPro 638

VSL PLUS is being used on the new Hiab X-HiPro 638

Hiab, part of Cargotec, has launched VSL Plus, a new stability feature for its heavy crane range.

The Variable Stability Limit Plus (VSL Plus) was launched at the Bedrijfsauto RAI 2015 exhibition in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The system works by automatically regulating the crane capacity in relation to the stability of the vehicle while it is working, the manufacturer explained. It works by sensing the position of each stabiliser leg and whether there is a load on the truck.

Sergio Peiró, Hiab Loader Cranes product manager, heavy range, said, “The new and improved VSL Plus stability system can take advantage of the vehicle's loaded platform because the extra load on the truck acts as a counterweight. VSL Plus automatically adjusts the crane's lifting capacity on the basis of optimal stability. This feature brings major performance benefits to vehicles that are fitted with a heavy range crane.”

Lennart Andersson, Hiab loader cranes system manager, control systems and product management, said, “With VSL Plus the actual pressure on the stabiliser legs is measured. More load on the truck bed means more pressure on the legs, which means greater stability. So, a load of cargo on the truck will mean that you can lift significantly more before the system stops the crane, allowing the crane to always operate at its optimal allowed capacity.

“It makes working in confined spaces easy, whilst retaining stability and high capacity. To illustrate further, if our customer arrives to find a narrow delivery space, it means he cannot extend the stabiliser beams fully. With a standard solution, lifting capacity is reduced accordingly. But if you have VSL Plus, and you have additional load on the truck bed, then you can have up to 100 % lifting capacity,” Andersson added. “This feature is unique to Hiab, and is part of our ongoing commitment to developing products that are perfectly matched to our customer's needs.”

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