High input and output

11 April 2008

Sauer-Danfoss has introduced a larger, general-purpose micro controller, the MC088-015-00000, to its Plus+1TM product range. The 88-pin micro controller, which includes 42 inputs, 32 outputs and two CAN 2.0B ports, is partly aimed at mobile cranes that require a large number of input/output (I/O) connections in a concentrated space.

“The new micro controller extends the capabilities of the Plus+1 family of mobile machinery control products introduced by the company in 2004. Whether OEMs are designing small machines with short CAN bus communication lines or have a very large clustering of input/output needs, the new 88-pin device provides maximum design flexibility with the potential to reduce overall installed costs,” comments Dan Ricklefs, Sauer-Danfoss product portfolio manager.

As with the entire Plus+1 line of micro controllers and input/output devices, the new micro controller is supported by the Guide application programming environment. With this tool set, OEMs can use the library of Sauer-Danfoss software modules and graphically build an application to meet their needs.

Ricklefs comments “OEMs can put the new micro controller to work in a variety of mobile machinery ranging from agriculture to road building and construction equipment.”

He continues, “consistent with other Plus+1 family products, the new 88-pin micro controller is designed to withstand the harsh off-road environment. Micro controller technology is a critical element in helping OEMs to meet future machine productivity and efficiency needs.”

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