Hightown Flats demolition wins Green Apple award

16 August 2011

A demolition project carried out in the Welsh city of Wrexham by Manchester, UK, based KDC has gained a Green Apple environmental award for client Wrexham Council, awarded by The Green Organisation, an independent group that highlights good practice and care for the environment.

The 40 year old landmark Hightown Flats complex consisted of 181 flats and maisonettes, five bungalows and 26 four bedroom houses and had been deemed ready for demolition since refurbishment was considered uneconomic.

Wrexham Council wanted to use the scheme as an example of recycling, reuse and low carbon emission. KDC won the contract and once the demolition was done, materials resulting were separated and concrete crushed. In total, 97% of all demolition waste was recycled, including 13,100 tonnes of concrete, 280 tonnes of metal, 10 tonnes of UPVC and 45 tonnes of timber.

According to KDC's Stephen Hardy: "We were determined to ensure this project was carried out in an environmentally responsible way. We sourced local outlets for the recycled materials, providing crushed concrete for use on the new link road to Wrexham Industrial Estate. We also sourced local companies to carry out some of the works on site. The team at KDC worked extremely hard to ensure the project was carried out within budget, on time, with minimum environmental impact."

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