Hoisting anew

06 May 2008

A low headroom version of the new 4 tonne capacity Abus ABUCompact GM8 hoist. Abus Crane Systems say

A low headroom version of the new 4 tonne capacity Abus ABUCompact GM8 hoist. Abus Crane Systems says it produces more than 14000 hoists a year

New from Abus is the GM8, a 4 tonne capacity electric chain hoist. Hoisting speeds of the new GM8 are up to 20 m/min and the unit is available up to M6 heavy duty rating, depending on the safe working load. Carried over from other Abus models are features designed for easy maintenance that include quick plug and socket twist-lock connections, a removable chain guide cassette and maintenance-free contactor control equipment.

The hardened and galvanised steel load chain has a new profile that, Abus claims, allows around 25 % higher loading than a round steel chain of the same nominal dimensions. It has a larger contact surface between the links, reducing wear on the chain and improving service life.

On the pendant control there is a sheathed cable that does not need additional strain relief cables as tensile forces are absorbed by the outer fabric material of the sheath. An optional feature is a new electronic upper and lower limit switch, programmable via an additional button on the neck of the pendant handset near the emergency stop. This is offered as an option and is only available with a contactor-controlled hoist. Two additional limit switches can also be requested as a further option, as can the ABUliner frequency converter for stepless hoisting and the Mini-RC plug-and-play remote control unit.

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