Holy cows need a lift

09 March 2009

In the absence of lifting equipment a group of staff at an animal rescue centre in India struggles t

In the absence of lifting equipment a group of staff at an animal rescue centre in India struggles to manually lift an injured cow for the Tree of Life for Animals charity

Injured and recuperating cows at an animal rescue centre in Pushkar, India are in desperate need of a lift. Lifting the cows on to their feet gives them a much better chance of survival and recovery.

Veterinary charity, The Tree of Life for Animals, is appealing for donations of hoisting equipment to help with the task of raising "downer" cows, calves and buffalo to allow staff to treat them and help improve the chances of survival.

Many of the animals have leg wounds from road traffic accidents and some have eaten so much plastic their insides become impacted. Others are brought to the hospital weak from starvation and, often, accompanied by a calf.

Whatever the injury or ailment, the top priority is to get the animal up on its feet so that it can feed properly. Its weight needs to be supported in a sling so that fractures and wounds have a chance to heal and pressure on vital organs is removed.

"Even with the best will in the world, sometimes our staff struggle to get a cow to move. Some lifting gear would make all the difference, and would undoubtedly improve the quality of life of some of the animals brought in to us," Rachel Wright, charity founder, explained.

"Ironically, we have already got a sling - donated by a company in the UK - but nothing to attach it to enable us to actually move the animals," Wright continued.

The charity is looking for a donation of machinery capable of lifting, preferably from a mobile source, and then suspending a 600 kg (sometimes heavier) animal attached in a sling.

If you can help please contact either the editor of IC at e-mail: alex.dahm@khl.com Tel: +44 (0)1892 786206, or by post, or contact the charity direct: Rachel Wright at the Tree of Life for Animals, Kharekhari Village, near Foy Sagar, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. Telephone: +91 9829 786362. Web site: www.tolfa.org.uk

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