HSS launches outsource service

21 June 2011

HSS Hire, a tool supplier and equipment hiring service, is launching HSS Outsource, a new service presenting long-term equipment hire solutions and equipment management that "offers an insightful new way to supply, maintain and manage equipment," HSS said in a statement. "It meets the customer's equipment management needs on a permanent basis, promoting 'usership' rather than 'ownership,' optimizing flexibility and giving customers all the benefits of ownership without any of the hassles."

The first launch is geared toward the cleaning equipment sector. "Ultimately, customers are the heart of any good organization so it makes sense that facilities managers are free to give those customers their full attention - with HSS Outsource, rather than wasting precious time running around and sorting out kit issues, they can focus on keeping their customers happy," said HSS Fiona Perrin, Hire's sales and marketing director. "HSS Outsource makes equipment management simpler, easier and more cost-effective and we believe it will help to transform the way facilities managers work. We have started with cleaning equipment as our research showed it was such a problematic area but we plan to extend the service into other traditionally-owned kit. This is a fantastic new innovation in our marketplace."

With HSS Outsource, customers have easy access to a "virtual fleet" of kit, helping them to move away from "fixed size" resource infrastructures to more flexible "on demand" solutions that can be scaled up or down in response to requirements. As new contracts mobilize, HSS Outsource provides the equipment; as they demobilize there is no longer obsolete stock - all kit returns to HSS with customers only paying for what is in use.

Under the HSS Outsource plan, when equipment is due for service or maintenance or if it breaks down, HSS swaps-out the equipment, which according to the company, minimizes any downtime issues.

HSS Outsource will be supported by Reintec, a new, environmentally and operator-friendly range of cleaning equipment sourced and enhanced in Western Europe and the US and available exclusively in the UK via HSS Outsource. Alongside the range is a full consumables offer with HSS Outsource recommending Lime Supply.

"We listened carefully to what cleaning service providers and [facilities management] companies needed in order to compete more effectively and we created our HSS Outsource service to offer the resources and support to help resolve those issues," Perrin said.

As part of the transition from equipment ownership to usership, HSS also helps contractors make the transition from owned to outsourced - helping to maintain and dispose of existing equipment with potential revenue upside.

The online Outsource asset register means all equipment can be identified by site and service dates as well as hired, de-mobilized and managed in real-time.

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