Hydro Mobile scales the cascade

By Maria Hadlow26 June 2008

The unusual structure of the Centuria Urban Village in British Columbia created a challenge for Hydr

The unusual structure of the Centuria Urban Village in British Columbia created a challenge for Hydro Mobile.

The cascading roof, multiple recesses and corners on the Centuria Urban Village development in Kelowna, British Columbia, created a number of access challenges for contractor Fairweather Maltesen Masonry. The company was able to overcome many of these difficulties by using Canadian company, Hydro Mobile, mast climbers.

The Centuria Urban Village is a 16-story concrete and steel construction with a brick exterior, and Fairweather Maltesen Masonry was contracted to complete the brickwork. "This residential village hosts 150 luxury condominiums and features unique architectural considerations," said Marten Maltesen. "In this context Hydro Mobile mast climbers were surely the most cost efficient solution to access every foot of fa├žade, even in the most restricted locations."

Hydro Mobile's local distributor Hydro West Scaffolding worked with the Fairweather Maltesen crew to devise and install a series of 16 mast climbers totalling 1000 lineal feet (approx 300 m) of equipment.

The companies used 12 M-series units each covering 60 lineal ft (18.3 m) and lifting up to 2218000 lb of materials and personnel. Where balconies or recesses restricted access, four P-series mast climbers were installed; these can carry up to 117000 lb. Because of the cascading terraces, some mast climbers were erected with their base inside the building and their masts extended through the roof.

The masonry work including the installation of angle irons, vapour barriers and brick ties was completed from the 7 ft (approx 2 m) wide decks. Fairweather Maltesen was also able to sub-let the platforms to other trades who needed similar access to the building.

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