Hyva marks 40th

By Alex Dahm17 January 2019

Hyva celebrates 40 years

Hyva celebrates 40 years

Truck loader crane and hydraulics manufacturer Hyva marks its 40th anniversary in 2019.

The Netherlands-based company started out manufacturing hydraulic cylinders in 1979. In the 1980s the company expanded, moving into Asian countries Malaysia, Thailand, China, indonesia and Korea. In the 1990s operations began in Brazil and India. Since then subsidiaries have been added in Russia, USA, Australia, Middle East and more in Asia. In 2017 the two millionth hydraulic cylinder was produced.

Commenting on the company’s progress, Marco Mazzu, Hyva Group CEO, said, “The journey from a small business in Alphen aan den Rijn [Netherlands] to a multinational business with a global network of 37 subsidiaries, 12 manufacturing plants and more than 200 distributors serving customers on six continents is one of enterprenurial spirit and success. At Hyva, we are proud of this history and heritage, and it will inspire us to continue our strategy of customer focus and innovation.”


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