IC50 - World's leading crane-owning companies 2007

20 March 2008

In terms of the top ten, many of the names from last year's Index remain the same but are in different positions. Mammoet moves to the top of the table, changing places with last year's number one, Lampson International, which is in second place this year.

Maxim Crane Works and All Erection ' Crane Rental retain their positions at three and four, respectively, as does Group Mediaco at eight and AmQuip Corporation at ten. At five and six Sarens and Essex Crane Rental swap places from last year, while TAT Hong Holdings moves up two places from nine to seven. The only new entry in the top ten is Al Jaber Heavy Lift and Transport, last year's number 18, which jumps an impressive nine places to number nine on the list. Hovago drops out of the top 10 from 7 to 18 since fleet arrangements ended with Mammoet.

Other significant moves in the table include a strong 24 place rise for Breuer ' Wasel in Germany and a 15 place jump from 40th place to 25th by ABG Heavy Industries, India. Bigge Crane and Rigging in the US made a strong gain from 32 to 26.

Moving in the other direction are Prangl, which falls from 14 to 38th place and MD Moody, which moves from 25 to 77. Also moving down the table are SG Marino Crane Service from 43 to 57, Kranen Michielsens from 42 to 60, and many more at the lower end of the table. The middle of the table remains fairly static with small movements up and down and there are a number of non-movers, including Sterling Crane Hire at 16, Schmidbauer at 20, and Buckner Heavy Lift Cranes at 41.

There are also more than 20 companies making the list for the first time, most notably H&E Equipment and Marco Crane ' Rigging in the US, the UK-based ALE Heavylift, and Vest Kran in Norway. Also new in are Freo Machinery from Australia, PVE Cranes and Services based in the Netherlands, and Hereket Heavy Transport and Lifting from Turkey.

Continuing with last year's change in the way that the IC Index is calculated, the figures are again produced using a total load moment rating of the complete fleet in tonne-metres. This is to give a more accurate representation of the fleet's capability than to use a figure calculated using the total lifting capacity of all cranes in a company's fleet. It is particularly beneficial to those crane owning companies with high capacity cranes that often have attachments to increase capacity at long radii.

The change was made on the suggestion of several companies already in the IC50, notably ones that own large high capacity cranes, which lift their maximum capacity to much greater radii than the standard 3 m.

We have kept the main list at 100 companies for the second year running so the major influx of new entries have pushed several long standing members out of the top 100 - should we continue making the list larger to include more companies or keep it at 100? Top of the list of companies that did not quite make the table are Marwijk Kraanverhuur, Burkhalter Rigging, and Ness Cranes. It could be different next year.

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